Text into a natural voice using deep learning

Our text to speech model is a service that turns text into a real conversation, allowing you to create applications that speak and create completely new categories of products with voice capabilities.

Implement the current and future applications of AI in text to speech

distribute high quality voice output and create applications for users all over the world

We in Cathedral can provide a voice output service that uses advanced in-depth learning technologies to synthesize a voice that resembles human voice.
With dozens of natural voice types in different languages, you can select the most suitable voice and distribute your applications with voice responses in different markets.

Benefit implementing our solutions


Contents creation
Our solutions simplifies adding voice to videos, presentations or online training courses. We can generate speech synthesis in 24 languages, simplifying the addition of voice to applications for a global audience. With our ML solutions you can read RSS feeds, news or e-mails and store voice output in audio files.
Learning and e-learning
We allows our clients to integrate visualization features in applications such as voice and face synchronization or text block highlighting like karaoke. With our models, it is easy to get additional metadata streams related to location information for specific spoken phrases, words, and sounds. Using this metadata together with the speech synthesis audio stream, customers can animate the avatars and highlight the text in perfect sync with the voice.
Customer contact center
With our text to speech alghoritms, customer contact centers can respond with natural-sounding voices. Voice output can be reproduced using interactive voice response systems (IVR). In addition, you can use our API to distribute automatic information in real time such as service status, account and billing information, addresses and contact information.
Internet of Things (IoT)
We new use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) making it easy and cheap to add speech synthesis to IoT devices. IoT devices can use speech synthesis to provide natural answers and notifications, make applications more accessible and allow users to use information without the need for a screen. With Amazon Polly you can generate audio files and store them on your devices to play them offline.
With our solutions you can create and distribute accessible information in the form of speech synthesis for users with vision problems. In this way you can help people with visual impairments to use various types of content, such as news, books or e-mail messages.


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