The life in cathedral

Here in Cathedral you will find a collaborative environment where experimentation is encouraged and mistakes are learning opportunities.
You will be able to grow through formal training, mentoring, coaching, workshops and hack-days that encourage out-of-the-box thinking.
Since we are small and growing you will be given endless opportunities to grow in your current areas of expertise and well beyond.

We believe in providing perks that help you balance your work and life and that reward you for your contributions over the long term.

Python Developer Full Stack

Reports to: Director of Software Development
Works with: Development, QA, Services, Sales, Product Management, UX
Our full stack software developers play a key role in all aspects of our software stack, from front-end development to the back-end. The successful candidate should be comfortable developing in Python, Javascript and other leading web technologies.



Nice to have skills

Training Specialist and Product Evangelist

Reports to: Chief Customer Success Officer
Works with: Customers, Partners, Customer Success, R&D, Marketing, Product Management
Level: Senior
We’re looking for an experienced trainer who has the technical chops to master our product and convey complex concepts in a clear and meaningful manner. Introvert or extravert - we don’t care, as long as you have a gift for engaging with customers and helping them fall in love with our services. Your career is highlighted with a history of building and delivering gorgeous training programs for all levels of expertise.


Required Skills

Biz Ops - Systems Developer

Reports to: Manager - Business Operations
Works with: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Development
Level: Intermediate to Senior
We need an expert with the technical aptitude and motivation to help us manage our marketing, sales and financial systems ensuring that we are the forefront of technology that drives efficiency, automation, and scale.


Required Skills


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