The role of data in manufacturing has traditionally been understated. Manufacturing generates about a third of all data today, and this is certainly going to increase significantly in the future. Data forms the backbone of all Digital Manufacturing technologies, which will be the centerpiece of the strategy for advancing Manufacturing in the 21st century.

What'll be the best choice?

Knowing it before start the production is the key to overcoming competition

Industrial machines generate billions of data points every year. Somewhere, hidden in all that noise are the critical signals that pinpoint the possibility of partial or complete machine failure. Identifying the series of datapoints that indicates your multi-million dollar machine is about to break down can help you prevent downtime, additional costs and long term damage. However, without an automated solution, it’s like finding a needle in an unimaginably large haystack.
With effective insights into the health of machines, manufacturers can solve issues before they get serious, and potentially save millions of dollars a year in repair costs and help extend machine lifetimes.

The main stages are:


Predict sales
Analyze trends and events to predict, everyday, how many clients will come in your stores. Prepare your promotional campaigns, optimize your stores supply chain, or better manage your revenues, We open a window into your future. Our models analyzes the history of your stores, as well as local and national events to predict, up to several months in the future, precise estimations of sales.
Inventories forecasting
Cathedral predicts the consumption trends of all your products and inventories. You can know precisely which product, at what time, will be more in demand and optimize your organization and supply operations. Our engine analyzes the history of your stores and warehouses and predicts consumption trends.
Classifying emails
Our artificial intelligences read and classify your emails automatically. E-commerce allows you to reach an unprecedented amount of client. With this amount also comes the headaches of managing more complex client relationships. Our alghoritms can automatically determine a client's message and reroute it to the appropriate department. Using a mix of statistical textual analysis and natural language processing, our engine can instantly understand the meaning and the subject of a very large number of messages.
Product classification
Our engine analyze the description of a product to automatically detect the category in which it best fits. Managing a massive portfolio of products in a marketplace, especially when it is community sourced, can quickly become very complicated. For you, as well as for the users, that can end up finding neither products to buy nor buyers for their products. We can make statistical analysis of the text description of a product to automatically classify in which category it should end up.
Predictive maintenance
Predict exactly when and on which machine the next failure will happen. Optimize your maintenance operations, and avoid costly business interruptions. By analyzing failure and operation history, our engine can learn to predict the signals of industrial equipment and predict when those will be most likely to fail.


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