Machine Learning technology everywhere

Powerful algorithms to use ML models by identifying recurring patterns in existing data

Billions of estimates a day

With our intelligent technology you can use machine learning technology easily.

Our Machine Learning solutions offers visualization tools and wizards that help you complete the process of implementing and use machine learning models (ML) without having to create a complex and expensive ML department in your organization for manage technologies and algorithms.
When our models are ready, the connected monitoring solutions we provide makes it easy to get estimates for your application using simple APIs, without having to implement custom code for generating estimates or managing any infrastructure.

Benefit implementing our solutions


Fraud detection
Our ML models simplifies the creation of predictive structures that help identify possible fraudulent retail transactions or misleading or inappropriate product reviews.
Content customization
With Cathedral's Machine Learning solutions, your website can offer a more personalized experience through the use of predictive analytics models, so you can recommend articles or streamline your website based on previous customer actions.
Documents classification
Cathedral's Machine Learning models can help you to develop unstructured text and take action based on content. For example our alghoritms can be used to create applications that classify product reviews as positive, negative, or neutral.
Estimation of customer changes
Our ML solutions can help your organization find customers at risk of attrition, to engage them proactively with promotions or customer service offerings that can prevent their needs.
Automatic solutions advice for customer support
Here in cathedral we are able to develope models that are ables to process heterogeneous feedback from customers, including e-mail messages, comments or transcripts of telephone conversations, as well as recommending operations that best respond to any issue. For example, you and your clients can use our ML solutions to analyze social media traffic and identify customers who have a support problem with a product, to put them in touch with the most appropriate customer service specialists.


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