Communication interfaces for your applications

Our conversational interfaces models are services for creating voice and text communication interfaces for any type of application. Our integrations offers advanced in-depth learning capabilities for speech recognition and dictation, as well as for natural language recognition and text comprehension, enabling the creation of engaging applications and realistic conversations.

People want to talk to your business

Engaging applications and realistic conversations

In computing, speech recognition and natural language comprehension among the most complicated problems faced so far, so much so that they need very complex in-depth learning algorithms to be trained with huge amounts of data and dedicated infrastructures.
We in Cathedral makes these technologies accessible to all by making our ultra sophisticated alghoritms available to all our clients.
By leveraging these technologies, we allows a completely new category of products, defined by communication interfaces.

Benefit implementing our solutions


Bot for call centers
Thanks to our chatbot, users who contact the your or your clients call center can change their password, request an account statement or schedule an appointment without having to speak to an agent. These chatbots use speech recognition and natural language comprehension technologies to detect caller intentions. They will be able to understand the voice inputs with the optimal sampling frequency for a telephony service (8 kHz) and understand the requests forwarded without forcing the user to pronounce specific phrases. Our models uses the specific functions to forward queries to business applications, provide information to callers and perform the required operations. the Cathedral's chatbots are also able to detect the context and manage a dialog by dynamically adjusting their responses based on the replies of the interlocutor.
Informative Bots
You can use our chatbot models to create hight engagement conversation bots for daily consumer requests, such as accessing the latest information, game scores, or weather services. After interface our bot, you can deploy it on mobile devices, chat services and IoT devices, while also providing support for the RTF format.
Application bots
The high quality of the speech recognition capabilities and natural language understanding of Cathedral's models makes it possible to create powerful interfaces in mobile applications. We can add a voice or text chat interface to create bots on mobile devices that allow customers to perform basic tasks, such as accessing a bank account, booking tickets, ordering meals or calling a taxi. Our ML alghoritms are connected with advanced authentication services and this allows you to control user management and authentication and synchronization between devices.
Business productivity bot
You and your clients can use our solutions to engage business conversation that simplify common work tasks and optimize organizations' efficiency. For example, employees can check salesforce data in Salesforce, marketing performance in HubSpot, and customer service status in Zendesk in minutes from their conversation bots. With our solutions, you can use bots to connect to various business productivity tools through API features.
Internet of Things (IoT)
With our advanced bot models you can achieve highly interactive user experiences and communication for connected devices in a fast-growing segment of the Internet of Things (IoT). This creates opportunities for completely new categories of communication products in different markets, from cars and devices, to clothing and home appliances.


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