Discover information and relationships in the text

Get better answers from your text...and more

Use topics to offer personalized content to your customers or to provide richer search and navigation

With our NLP models you or your clients can discover the meaning and relationships in the text from customer service incidents, product reviews, social media feeds, articles, documents and other sources. For example, you can identify the feature mentioned most often when customers are happy or dissatisfied with your product.
Our alghoritms always learns from new data and continuously acquires a deeper understanding of entities, key phrases, opinions and topics. Learning data cover different domains, including Finance, Health, Media, Telecommunications, Education, Public administration, Advertising and many others

Benefit implementing our solutions


Customers' voice Analysis
You can use our NLP models to analyze customer interactions in the form of support e-mails, postings on social media, online comments, telephone transcripts, etc., and find out which factors are most dependent on positive and negative experiences. You can then use this information to improve your products and services.
Semantic research
You can use our service to provide a better search experience by allowing your search engine to index key phrases, entities and opinions. This allows you to focus on the intent and context of the articles instead of the basic keywords.
Information management and discovery
With our models you and your clients can use NLP tecniques easily to organize and categorize your topics based on the topic to make it easier to find, then customize the content recommendations for readers by recommending other articles related to the same topic.


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